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Calacatta Alto


MSI – Q Quartz – Calacatta Alto

Calacatta Alto Quartz is a timeless and elegant marble-look Calacatta quartz with a cool white background and thin gray veining. The low-maintenance quartz comes with low-variation shades and a polished finish for a subtle yet sophisticated look and is simple to keep clean. While it’s often featured as countertops in residential and commercial properties, it can also be installed as flooring or wall installations, including outdoor applications where it’ll stand up to freezing temperatures. This neutral marble-inspired slab is sleek enough for modern designs and soft enough for classic interiors and everything in-between.

Product Information

Calacatta Alto

Primary Colours – White – Cool

Available Finish: Polished

Slab Sizes: 2CM & 3CM

Product Code: QSL-CALAALTO-2CM

Product Code: QSL-CALAALTO-3CM