Porcelain Flooring Tiles

Pietra Carrara


Pietra Carrara

About This Piece

Carrara porcelain tiles from the Pietra collection feature the same dramatic gray veins of natural marble, in an easy care porcelain tile that never need sealing. Available as both polished and matte finishes, these tiles are suitable for a variety of projects including countertops, floors, and accent walls.

Product Information

Pietra Carrara

Primary Colour: White

Material: Porcelain

Available Finish: Matte OR Polished

Sizing & Product Codes: 

12×24 – NCAR1224-N – Matte

12×24 – NPIECAR1224P-N – Polished

24×24 – NCAR2424-N – Matte

24×24 – NPIECAR2424P-N – Polished