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Hexagon Pattern


Hexagon Pattern

The Art of Stone’s Hexagon Patterns, create a beautiful & elegant graphic presentation. These 3+ angled shapes will become an art piece wherever they are installed. Sometimes refereed to as the “Honey Comb” style, hexagon patterns create a dynamic and dramatic visual element in any given space.

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Feature Walls
  • Counter Tops
  • Floor Features
  • Shower Floors
  • Exterior Facades

Available Designs

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Shipping throughout Canada is available!

Arabescato Carrara 1″ Hexagon
Arabescato Carrara 2″ Hexagon
Azula Hexagon
Bianco Dolomite Hexagon
Black Hexagon Glossy
Black Hexagon Matte
Black and White 1×1 Hexagon Matte
Calacata Gold 2″ Hexagon
Calacatta Cressa Hexagon
Calacatta Gold 1″ Hexagon
Pietra Calacatta Matte Hexagon
Carrara White Hexagon Honed
Carrara White Hexagon Polished
Driftwood Hexagon
Georama Grigio Hexagon
Georama Nero Hexagon
Greecian White 1″ Hexagon
Greecian White 2″ Hexagon
Greecian White 3″ Hexagon
Hexagono Nero Polished
Henley Hexagon Multi Finish
Honey Comb Hexagon Multi Finish
Kensington Hexagon
Medici Gold Pattern
Medici Silver Pattern
Retro Hexo Gray Matte
Retro Nero Hexagon Glossy
Sandhills Hexagon
Silva Oak Hexagon
Statuario Celano Hexagon
Statuario Matte Hexagon
Stonella Hexagon
Urban Tapestry Hexagon
Vista Azul Hexagon
White Glossy Hexagon
White Matte Hexagon
Ice Beveled 3″ Hexagon
Icelandic Green 2″ Hexagon Polished
Arabescato Venato White Hexagon Honed
Pietra Carrara Hexagon
Athena Gold 2″ Hexagon
Hexley Dove
Hexley Ecru
Hexley Graphite
Hexley Hive
Hexley Marbello
Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon
Metallic Gray Beveled Hexagon
Vague Blue 3″ Hexagon
Capri Blue 2″ Hexagon
Esperanza 2″ Hexagon
Angora Polished 2″ Hexagon
Calacatta Porcelain 2″ Hexagon