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Chevron Pattern


Chevron Pattern

Adding warmth and unique characteristic to your home cant get any easier when choosing a Chevron pattern. Chevron features a contemporary and dynamic pattern that can bring either a modern or rustic appearance to any application. The beautiful Chevron style has a decidedly contemporary edge in design, but is perfectly timeless. Browse through our neutral, soft colours and add a feature to your home that will surely be a conversation starter.

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Feature Walls
  • Counter Tops
  • Floor Features
  • Exterior Facades
  • Shower Floor

Available Designs

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Shipping throughout Canada is available!

Bianco Dolomite Chevron Polished
Havenwood Beige Chevron
Havenwood Dove Chevron
Havenwood Platinum Chevron
Havenwood Saddle Chevron
Palisandro Chevron Polished
Watercolor Bianco Chevron
Watercolor Graphite Chevron
White Quarry Chevron
Urban Wave Greige
Urban Wave Lapis
Blue Shimmer Chevron
Harlow Chevron
Midnight Blue Ombre Chevron
Athena Gold Chevron