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If your new space includes backsplash tile or mosaics, The Art of Stone offers a wide variety to create the perfect home feature. Our collection of materials, colours and finishes come in a range of sizes and patterns to create the perfect finishing touch that best suits your interest. The expansive assortment of style, cutting edge materials, modern palettes and exquisite attention to detail, sets our backsplash and mosaics apart from others. The Art of Stone offers premium backsplash and mosaics, that come with affordable pricing so that everyone has the opportunity to create a beautiful space to live in.

Explore our expansive selection of slabs and countertops available for your upcoming project. Browse through The Art of Stone’s Quartz, Marble or Granite countertop series, varying in different designs and colour tones.  The Art of Stone will walk you through the entire process from selecting the right countertop material & colour that best suits you, give the opportunity to view full slabs at our warehouses and guide you through the entire installation process with guarantee satisfaction!