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Deluxe Series Plus – #203321M Plus

Deluxe Series Plus – #203321M Plus

Bosco’s Deluxe Series Plus # 203321M Plus offers a high quality stainless steel sink, which comes included with four accessories, a sink grate, two sink baskets, and stainless steel strainers. Deluxe Series Plus # 203321M Plus also pairs with two optional accessories, a utensil rack and a wood cutting board. Model #203321M Plus is featured with rear positioned drain holes to maximize usable bowl and cabinet storage space below. The Deluxe Series Plus, along with the other premium sink series, offer sophisticated designs that are tailored to your lifestyle, and accommodating to your budget. 

PDF Specification Sheet (Red) & DXF Template (Black):

Product Information

Deluxe Series Plus - #203321M Plus


316 Stainless Steel 16 Gauge

18/10 Chrome Nickel Content

Bowl Corner Radius of 10MM

Under-Mount Clips & Template Included

Stainless Steel Strainers Included

Depth – 9″

1″ Wide Central Lowered 1″


Outside Dimension – 33″ x 18″ x 10″

Inside Dimension – 31″ x 16″ x 10″

Bowl Size – 17″ x 16″ x 9″ & 13″ x 16″ x 9″

** Minimum Cabinet Size – 36″ **