Calacatta Trento


MSI – Q Quartz – Calacatta Trento

Calacatta Trento is a striking marble-look Calacatta quartz with a cool white background and mixture of both thick and thin gray veins for the ultimate visual appeal in a modern marble style. With these white quartz countertops, you’ll create a look that wows! Feature the fabulous engineered stone as countertop, flooring, or wall installations indoors or outdoors, as it can elevate your outdoor space since it can easily stand up to freezing climates. The low-maintenance look is also simple to care for since it doesn’t need sealing, unlike natural marble.

Product Information

Calacatta Trento

Primary Colours – White – Cool

Other Industry Names: N/A

Available Finish: Polished

Style: Marble – Dramatic Veins

Variations: Low

Slab Sizes: 2CM & 3CM