Natural Stone Veneer

Ontario Stone Veneers (OSV)


Ontario Stone Veneers (OSV)

The Art of Stone’s Ontario Stone Veneers (OSV) series was founded on the pure objective of supplying high quality natural stone veneers that are quarried and worked in Ontario. Every piece of stone is hand-picked and chiseled by masons who have a passion for the art of masonry and natural stone. Their knowledge of the stone industry ensures that our veneers meet the requirements of the most discerning architect, designer, builder, or contractor.

Ontario Stone Veneers sources stone blocks from numerous quarries throughout Ontario. These blocks are then shipped to our facility in Meaford, Ontario, where they are hand-chipped and sawn into natural stone veneers. The craftsmanship involved in creating our traditional and contemporary lines of natural stone veneers will amaze any mason! Here at The Art of Stone, we are passionate about this product and the work behind it, making us confident that you will just love this stone! 

Available OSV Styles

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Contemporary Blend Series
Masonry Blend Series
Farm Blend Series