Porcelain Flooring Tiles

Onyx Grigio


Onyx Grigio

About This Piece

Grigio Porcelain Tiles are glazed to highlight the light onyx pattern of whites, golds and grays. These tiles are available in a variety of sizes for easy coordination in design projects and are recommended for walls, backsplashes and flooring in residential properties and commercial properties with light traffic.

Product Information

Onyx Grigio

Primary Colour: Grey-Light

Material: Porcelain

Available Finish: Matte OR Polished

Sizing & Product Codes: 

24×24 – NONYGRI2424-N – Matte

           12×24 – NONYGRI1224-N – Matte      

       24×24 – NONYGRI2424P-N – Polished

        12×24 – NONYGRI1224P-N – Polished